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The Emerging Threat Landscape
Speaker BN

NCSC Key Note Speaker

National Cyber Security Centre

We are privileged to have a speaker from the National Cyber Security Centre. NCSC provides protection to the UK's critical services from cyber attacks, they manage major incidents, and improve the underlying security of the UK Internet through technological advancement and provide expert security advice to citizens and organisations.

Martin Lee

Cisco Talos, Technical Lead and Security Research Manager

Martin is an expert in emerging threats. His research is used to prevent and moderate related security risks.  He has 20 years of system development experience and an Oxbridge graduate with MPhil and MSc in software engineering and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) as well as being a Chartered Engineer.

Merike Kaev

Estonian Ministry of Justice, Legal Adviser  for Data Protection Law

Merike is a national expert in Information Exchange and Data Protection with extensive knowledge of European Law. She is certified in information security awareness as well as digital forensics and has an MA in IT law. Merike is currently writing the new data protection law for Estonia to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has participated in recent implementation GDPR workshops with leading IT companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Vesselin Popov

Business Development Director, The Psychometric Centre, Judge Business School 

A Cambridge law graduate from Trinity College and a Big-Data Psychology expert. Vesselin has implemented psychometric tools for leading industries. He’s the coordinator for Apply Magic Sauce (, a system of translating digital footprints of human behaviour into accurate psycho-demographic profiles which have had a tremendous impact on public awareness of digital issues.

Paul Ducklin

Senior Security Adviser for Sophos and Security Blogger

Paul is an international leading virus expert and passionate about information security awareness. He writes for Sophos’ Naked Security blog and has given engaging presentations at various worldwide industry events. He's security advice is understandable yet exciting and he'll impress IT practitioners with his clever live hacking demonstrations.

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